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TFB Miniatures

TFB Miniatures was set up by three friends, who have being making model figures for many years.

We combine various parts of the hobby with one common interest, figures.

Our company aims to bring you a range of figures & busts, that we hope will spark your interest.

We aim to deliver a quality product which we as company we can be proud of & you the customer will find of good value.

We will be using talented sculptors old & new. We will be investing in up & coming talent.

We hope to invest in new technology as well as tried & trusted techniques.

TFB Miniatures hope you will enjoy the journey with us.

So please keep an eye on our website for new & exciting releases that we will be bringing to you soon.

Fortes Classics

We at TFB Miniatures are pleased to announce that we will be producing the Fortes Miniatures range of figures.

The range will be released period by period, staggered over time. The first of these will be the Great War Period.

Please click on one of the images below to go to the Fortes Classics page.

Brritish Officer 1914 Front a.jpeg
German Officer 1914.jpeg
French Officer 1914.jpeg
Russian Officer 1914.jpeg

British Officer 1914 Now Available

1/9th Scale Bust: French Spahi 1870
( Franco Prussian War 1870-1871)

Front Left

This bust represents an officer of the French Colonial Spahi cavalry from the end of the 2nd French Empire. The famous cavalry troops were renowned for their bravery in battle and their very colourful uniforms, which we hope has been captured in this representation.

The Spahi were part of the large colonial contingent which fought with the French army for decades with great distinction. This bust represents them as they were at the end of the 2nd Empire 1870/71.

Price £38.00 Including Free UK Postage

American War Of Independece

 1st Rhode Island Regiment

1st Rhode Island Regiment 1776

Fusilier-Regiment von Lossberg

Hessian Fusilier Regiment
von Lossberg 1776

Royal Welsh Front 1.jpg

Officer Royal Welsh
Fusiliers 1775

All Busts Now Available

75mm Private 92nd Regiment of Foot Gordon Highlanders
Indian Mutiny 1858

Highlander Front.jpg
Highlander Back.jpg
Highlander Right.jpg
Highlander Left.jpg

One of the great British Highland Regiments who fought with great distinction on campaign

during the Indian mutiny in 1858.

Price £32.00 Including Free UK Postage

75mm French Hussar (The Red Devils) Mexico 1866

Frenc Hussar Mexico 1866
French Hussar Mexico 1866
Frenc Hussar Mexico 1866
French Hussar Mexico 1866

This figure represents an Hussar of the Red Devils Brigade. They were well known for their brutality and had a very charismatic leader in Charles du Pin. They served through out the Mexican adventure

Price £32.00 Including Free UK Postage

75mm French Line Infantry Drummer
Crimean War 1854

French Infantry Drummer
French Drummer Back.jpg
French Drummer Right 1.jpg
French Drummer L Back.jpg

Available Soon

75mm French Sapper 1870

French Sapper 1870
French Sapper 1870
French Sapper 1870
French Sapper 1870

This figure represents a French Veteran Sapper who has seen his fair share of war, which can be seen by his medals.

Available Now £32.00

French Ellite Dragoon 1805

French Ellite Dragoon 1805
French Ellite Dragoon 1805

Available Soon

These are the first releases from us at TFB Miniatures. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have had producing him. We are looking forward to future releases in the very near future